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Welcome to Threedots

your trusted video agency based in Berlin. We specialize in film production in Berlin and video marketing to transform your brand messages into captivating moving images that really grab your audience's attention. As digital natives, we are fluent in the language of video and skilled in tailoring corporate identities to reach your target audience effectively.

We produce a wide range of videos for the digital world, including film production in Berlin, corporate videos, promotional videos, branded content, explainer videos, animation, event and testimonial videos, commercial videos, social media videos, virtual tours, and live streams.

At Threedots, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire film production process, from idea brainstorming to script development, shoot preparation, post-production, sound design, and color correction.

Our customer-centric approach is what sets us apart. We put your goals first and measure our success by delivering outstanding results. Our work speaks for itself, so we don't  promote ourselves excessively.

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The Video Agency Network

The team of Threedots, the video agency, in Berlin

TThreedots is a network of specialists from various fields in film and the digital universe. Our team includes film fanatics, tech talents, creative creatures, streaming stars, orga optimizers, programming pros, dramaturgy drama queens, virtual world wizards, and marketing moguls. Founded by Angel Cano in 2012, joined by Anna Teigler in 2016, we've grown our team and portfolio over the years with many exciting film production projects in Berlin and clients.

If you want to be part of our Network, write us to this email: