Event Video Production

Make your event a big hit

Are you planning an event and looking for a way to make it memorable? Look no further than our event video production services in Berlin! We specialize in capturing the essence of your event and conveying its key messages in a short, engaging video.

From fairs and conferences to roundtable discussions and product presentations, we've got you covered. Our affordable packages are designed to help you boost awareness, increase engagement, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Our event video production process is simple and effective. During pre-production, we gather all the relevant information about your event and discuss interview questions with you. In production, our camera, sound, and editorial staff capture the highlights of your event and conduct interviews with relevant people. In post-production, we carefully extract the best images and statements, add captions, intros, and outros, and send you a first draft for approval within 1-4 working days. We offer two feedback rounds for any changes and adjustments you may need.

How much does an event video cost

Our event video production services in Berlin are cost-effective and customizable. Get in touch with us for a free cost consultation and see how we can make your event a big hit!

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