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What is a Virtual Tour?


A Virtual Tour is an immersive multimedia experience where the visitor can look around in a 360° field of view. Comparable to the Google Street View experience. It is a digital space that depicts a ral place and also offers various interactions in this environment. With a virtual tour, also known as a 360-degree and panoramic tour, you create a realistic view of your business, your space or event. You will see that visitors will stay longer on your site, because they enjoy being able to explore your offer interactively and discover it all around.


We create the virtual tour entirely according to your individual requirements and ideas. Whether user interface, floor plans, videos, detailed images, dynamic text fields or music – you decide, we implement!

– an innovative presentation of your product
– a cost-effective marketing tool for social media, newsletters, etc.
– an eye-catching effect for your site, which will keep
visitors captive in the experience


How does it work


The 360° tour can be done with different recording technology. We use professional VR cameras with several lenses that can create 360-degree footage up to 8K in resolution. These Photos or Videos will be aligned to create the tour and navigate around the space. The goal is that the visitor should be able to move around the defined space without any hurdles.

The capture point of each image must be within sight of another image so that the user can find the next point and thus navigate through the virtual space intuitively and realistically. The user can then navigate through horizontal and vertical panning, zoom in and out between navigation and by clicking the controls or hotspots in the Tour. These can be achieved through the mouse control, keyboard, control icons or with finger gestures in mobile devices.



Media Integration


Hotspots are interaction points that provide additional information like text, photo, video (embedded), audio, external links, surveys, quizzes, information panels. etc. Photos can be integrated as TIFF, JPEG and PNG format. Videos can be integrated as mp4 file with H.264 codec. Audio files can be integrated as WAV or MP3 format. Measurements and extra information can also be displayed inside the Tour.

 – Infopoint labels / Windows
Offer real added value with specifically placed info points. With vividly embedded text, images, videos, audio or web links.


 – Floor plan
A schematic floor plan determines the size and location of rooms within a building.


 – 3D Media for VR
Our 360 degree images can also be recorded in 3D (stereoscopic) and viewed with VR glasses.


The Virtual Tour can be published in the following ways:
– As a website (HTML) hosted on any server and can be embedded as an iFrame in any website or social media channel. It can be redirected from a link to display a full-screen view.
– As a standalone player for Windows / IOS. This creates a single file containing the entire Virtual Tour. Clicking on the file displays it as if it were an independent application.
– Integration with Google Street View


Wanna see it live?


Every Tour can be adapted to the space, media, business and elements that you want to display. If you have any questions or you would like to hear more information, don’t hesitate to contact us! Click in the next Link to see an actual reference of a Virtual Tour we made.

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